There are many benefits of outsourcing. Not only is the hourly rate as low as 1/5 the cost of a U.S. assistant, but I also work while you’re off the clock, giving you a quick turnaround.

You may have heard about the disadvantages of outsourcing, but the reality is that 90% of outsourcing problems stem only from a lack of communication and trust. These are two things you can count on when you work with me.

My Services


Administrative assistance for your business or personal life. From e-mail and calendar management to appointment setting and bill paying–if a physical presence isn’t required, I can handle your task. You’d be surprised in today’s day and age what is possible to accomplish remotely!


I can handle your advanced research needs, both business and personal. In the past, I’ve researched a variety of subjects for my clients like helping to plan their vacations, searching for homes to rent, researching schools their children will attend, and all sorts of various tasks in between.


Blog posts, articles, ebooks, sales copy, and more. Whatever your area of business, I can help by performing the research necessary to create original content, writing first drafts, editing and revising your writing, or creating original complete articles and documents. Have no fear about language barriers, the Philippines is ranked the world’s best country in business English.


Blog posting, link building, plugin updates, comment moderating, etc. My experience with WordPress and HTML will allow me to perform most of your website maintenance and update needs. If there’s a programming or design task I cannot fill, I will help you find the specific talent necessary to complete the job, and with your approval, hire and project management the task to completion.


Live chat, phone support, email support for your customers, employees, and vendors. Our differing time zones will allow me to reach your customers when you’re off the clock or asleep. E-mail tracking and telephone recording software allows you to stay on top of the support service I provide and follow up with your customers when needed. Every company is different and requires a unique level of support, but after a little training, I will be able to exceed your needs.


Professional, efficient and flexible marketing assistance from copywriting to ad posting. With remote login services, I can even accomplish advertisement postings that require a local IP address. If specialized design work like logo creation or video editing is required, I can put you in contact with talent in the Philippines and help with project management.


Using a VOIP telephone number local to your business, I provide cold calling services such as appointment setting, lead generating, and sales calls. I am also experienced and familiar with e-mail management software like Aweber, Mail Chimp, and ConstantContact and can assist you in creating and executing e-mail marketing campaigns.


Don’t spend your time with mundane tasks like data entry or data processing, use your dependable virtual assistant! Utilizing my data entry / processing services will free your work day for more productive income generating tasks, and also allow you to start your day with information available to you that was entered or processed the night before.


No task is too personal to ask for your virtual assistants help! Many clients ask me to pay bills, order gifts online, send e-cards, respond to personal e-mail, schedule social events, post to their Facebook and Twitter accounts, and even help them online date! As your personal offshore virtual assistant, my job is to make your life easier and free your time for either more productive tasks or well-earned relaxation.


Many tasks require specialized services like the help of a graphic designer, software programmer, or video editor. Have no fear, through my years of experience as a virtual assistant, I have developed relationships with some of the most talented people in the Philippines. If I do not have someone in my network who can fit your job description, I will help with finding, screening, and interviewing an offshore employee or company who does fit your needs.


Promote your website and generate traffic with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC), link building, ad posting, email marketing and more. Your virtual assistant can help create your Internet Marketing campaign or execute the plan you have in place.

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